Our Story

Welcome to RangiChangi Roots: Many Cultures, One Climate, formerly known as the Intercultural Alliance for Climate Action. We are a diverse group of  people who are developing this alliance as a result of the 2009 climate action initiative Bridge to a Cool Planet, a one-day event in Vancouver BC that took place as a lead up to the Copenhagen Conference.

Bridge to a Cool Planet attempted to reach out to as many ethnic and cultural communities as possible. One initiative brought together a number of Vancouver’s ethno-cultural organizations for a media conference to make strong demands with one voice.  And out of this mission, grew the seed for RangiChangi Roots.

Essentially, we think that the transformative change needed to solve the climate crisis won’t happen unless everyone is involved.  We want to build bridges between the green movement and cultural communities in order to:

  • better appreciate our shared concerns and unique situations
  • collaborate more effectively in taking direct steps reduce emissions
  • call on government to introduce strong laws to fight climate change
  • build a more just and sustainable society

OUR VISION: RangiChangi Roots: Many Cultures, One Climate envisions a world where diverse communities work together for a fair and healthy planet.

OUR MISSION: RangiChangi Roots builds bridges between diverse communities, ENGO’s, governments and funders that work on human rights and climate issues. We host events that encourage dialogue, build connections, and empower communities. RangiChangi Roots serves as a hub for the exchange of information, resources and ideas. We are advocates for progressive, strong and binding environmental policy.

We invite you to join us in a series of public meetings to share our stories, experiences, and our collective wisdom. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Kate Castelo, Lara Honrado, Paola Murillo, Ajay Puri and Kevin Washbrook.

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